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About glass claim customer support

Here you can find all the information you need for your insurance matters that concern vehicle glass claims.

The link below takes you to our support site where you can read about policy contract term, user guides, useful articles and more. Here you can report anything from bug-reports, technical questions, perform coverage controls and more. All requests will be answered in due time by our skilled claim managers.


About ClaimIT

ClaimIT is a completely new digital customer journey for the cehicle owner.

ClaimIT allows the vehicle owner to open and close the claim process. They can report the damage, sign a dagamge form digitally, book an appointment and additional products with preferrd partners for their insurance company, as well as pay a deductible.

The user gets everything in one place, which ensures good data quality and security.

ClaimIT is built to build trust with the user and will have the same design and apperance as the insurance company or workshop that owns the platform.

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